Marion P. Thomas Middle  School

Marion P. Thomas Middle School

308 S. 9th Street Newark, NJ 07103P 973-792-0060 Visit Website →

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Chartered in 1998, MPTCS rang its first bell in 1999 with 60 students in grades K-2.  Today, more than 600 students in Pre-K through Grade 8 attend classes on two campuses--enjoying a stimulating academic experience that gives them the skills needed to be agents of positive change in their community through programs that regularly out-perform Newark Public Schools in test scores.

School Snapshots for Families

Newark Public School’s 2012-2013 School Snapshots for Families provide an overview of how each school in Newark is performing in several different areas, including attendance, test scores in reading, and graduation rates.

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School Leaders

Michele Griffen

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