Great Oaks Legacy: High School

17-19 Crawford Street Newark, NJ 07102 P 882-256-0114 F 973-565-9173 Visit Website →

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Great Oaks Charter School and Newark Legacy Charter School have joined to form a PK-4 through 12th grade charter option in Newark, NJ. With a combined team of educators and support staff, Great Oaks Legacy Charter School can dedicate greater resources to facilitating effective curriculum, programming, and extracurricular activities. This partnership provides a continuous educational path for students of all ages to the doors of college.

School Information for Families

The Newark Enrolls School Guidebook provides an overview for families of how each participating school is performing in several different areas, including attendance, test scores, and graduation rates. It also provides information about community partnerships, as well as sports, clubs, and other activities.

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School Leader(s)

Jared Taillefer, Chief Executive Officer

Ken Schultz, President of Finance and Operations

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