LEAD Charter School

201 Bergen Street Newark, NJ 07103 P 973-565-1230 Visit Website →

LEAD’s mission is an innovative model that reengages young people via active participation in rigorous and relevant content and standards-driven, competency-based instruction aligned with emerging market demands.

The LEAD model is guided by the following principles:

  • An integrated combination of academic, nonacademic and community supports are imperative to Over-Age/Under-Credited student success
  • Content and instruction must be rigorous and personalized to accelerate learning
  • High quality teachers and student services staff are essential to Over-Age/Under-Credited student achievement
  • Over-Age/Under-Credited students must be active drivers of their own learning
  • Over-Age/Under-Credited students must be able to make connections between classroom instruction and real-world applications
  • Over-Age/Under-Credited students must be afforded constant opportunities for leadership development.

9-12 (Over-Age, under-credited students)

School Leader(s)

Juan Acevedo

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