of the Newark charter sector


to serve all children with quality schools


with the district and within charter sector


for families to have strong public school options



NCSF strives to accelerate education reform in Newark through a strategic approach that prioritizes the growth of high-quality public charter schools; a charter environment with engaged and mobilized parents; a collaborative atmosphere that promotes collective action, knowledge-sharing, and innovation; and a focus on building sustainable solutions and infrastructure. 

Through its investments, NCSF has provided direct aid to several Newark charter schools in support of capacity-building and implementation of strategic initiatives to support school expansion and academic achievement, as well as partnered with external providers to support the efforts of schools to enhance instructional culture, cultivate teacher leaders, deepen the capacity of their teachers and principals to deliver effective instruction, engage both charter and district parents and students to advocate for quality education, identify critical opportunities to serve children in Newark’s communities in greatest need, and establish open and transparent enrollment practices across all Newark schools. 

NCSF does not accept unsolicited grant applications. Instead, NCSF works closely with local nonprofit organizations, charter schools, foundations and stakeholders of various kinds to identity and develop grant prospects. NCSF actively seeks to partner with the Newark Public Schools and to fund work that encompasses both charter and district schools. Emerging practice and research shows that all public schools benefit from collaboration between district and charter schools.

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