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Oct 16, 2017

New Harvard Study Shows Newark Schools on the Right Track


Statement by Michele Mason, Executive Director, NCSFund on “Newark School Reform: Within- and Between-School Changes in Achievement Growth”

“The achievements documented in this report show the power of collaboration. Making Newark’s public schools better is a team effort that is paying off for students.

“When families have broad public school choices, their children have the opportunity to excel.

“The encouraging findings make a strong case for keeping Universal Enrollment and continuing to sustain and expand quality, innovative public school options

“It’s great to see Newark setting a strong example for cities around the nation.”


Read the report: "Assessing the Impact of the Newark Education Reforms:  The Role of Within-School Improvement vs. Between-School Shifts in Enrollment

Read the white paper: "School District Reform in Newark: Within-and Between-School Changes in Achievement Growth"

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