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Feb 3, 2014

NCSF Launches Ad Campaign to Raise Awareness of Public School Options

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First print placement runs on Super Bowl Sunday, highlighting how Newark’s public charter school sector offers all children access to high-quality, tuition-free education.

Newark, N.J.—February 3, 2014—The Newark Charter School Fund (NCSF), a non-profit organization that makes grants to support the quality growth and sustainability of Newark’s public charter school sector, today announced the launch of an ad campaign to build awareness of the value charter schools provide to our communities. The ads, which began running on Sunday, highlight the pivotal role charters play in the citywide effort to prepare students for college and a career.

“Newark’s charter schools provide parents and students with an option for a high-quality, tuition-free, public education,” said Mashea Ashton, CEO of NCSF. “Charters play an increasingly important role in the citywide effort to ensure that every child, regardless of their past academic performance or unique learning needs, has access to an education that prepares them for college. It’s critical that parents and students in Newark know what choices are available to them when it comes to education, and these ads send a clear message about what charter schools are and the opportunities they create for all of our kids.”

The $100,000 campaign includes newspaper and bus ads, billboards, and a 30-second television spot. The first newspaper ad ran Sunday, Feb. 2, in The Star Ledger. Bus ads and a billboard in the South Ward will go up the week of Feb. 3, with the television ad debuting later in February. NCSF’s goal for the campaign is to raise awareness among Newark residents of the mission and accessibility of the city’s public charter schools, as well as the sector’s partnership with the district to ensure that every child has access to a high-quality education.

In a survey conducted last year, nearly half of Newark respondents incorrectly characterized charter schools as private schools. The NCSF ad campaign is aimed at informing residents that tuition-free charter schools are a critical part of providing quality public school options for families in Newark. Admission does not depend on grades or test scores, and enrollment is open to everyone, including students with special needs.

“With the launch this year of the One Newark Enrolls citywide enrollment system, it’s important for parents considering their options to know what public charter schools are and how they can serve their students,” Ashton said. “Charters prepare students for college and career, offering every child the chance of a promising future, and One Newark Enrolls provides a simpler way for parents to decide which school will put their children on the right path.”


About Newark Charter School Fund

Established in April of 2008, the Newark Charter School Fund (NCSF) works to develop and support high quality charter schools in Newark, and is dedicated to create a thriving public school system that prepares all Newark public school students for college and career.  NCSF fulfills its mission by advocating for high‐impact education policy changes, making grants to improve the effectiveness of local charter schools, and by providing support for new startup charter schools. NCSF is embarking on the next phase of its development with the goal of expanding the number and quality of charter school seats, while promoting a strong partnership between charter and district schools. 


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