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Apr 26, 2017

Unity Slate Elected to Newark School Advisory Board


Newark Charter School Fund Executive Director Michele Mason issues statement regarding the election of the three newest members of Newark’s School Advisory Board:

“On behalf of the Newark Charter School Fund, I would like to offer my congratulations to this year’s Unity Slate, Flo Johnson, Reginald Bledsoe, and Josephine Garcia, on their election to Newark’s School Advisory Board. NCSF is confident that these newly elected members will provide a strong voice for all Newark families, upholding our core values of transparency and public accountability, while also enhancing collaboration efforts between public charter schools and traditional public schools in order to continue to solve problems and improve upon our city’s entire education system. The return to local control presents a unique opportunity for meaningful collaboration to forge a great future for our children, and we’re excited to work in partnership with the entire Newark School Advisory Board to achieve great public school options for all our children.”

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